From the Garden to the City: Introduction

Phil —  August 31, 2011 — 1 Comment

I love theology, writing, and technology. For me, this blog allows me to combine all three. And yet, I’m a novice, so I try to learn from veterans like John Saddington, Eric Dye, and the other fellows at

The other day, Eric wrote about starting a book tour for John Dyer‘s new book From the Garden to the City, essentially describing it as a book that seeks to reconcile theology and technology. Count me in.

So, there I was last night, reading a book about technology on the Kindle app on my iPhone, stopping periodically to play with my daughter and watch a little TV via Netflix on my Wii. Even now, I’m tapping out this post on my iPhone’s WordPress app. For most of us–certainly for me–technology is ubiquitous. And yet, how often do we think about how we have shaped our lives around technology, rather than using technology to expand our lives as they are.

“The most dangerous thing you can believe is that technology is neutral.”

This statement was made to Dyer by one of his seminary professors. Immediately, his tech-savvy senses were offended, and he was compelled to investigate the issue for himself. I, myself, must admit that I too have always assumed that technology is neutral. Have you?

Dyer chronicled his developing thoughts about the relationship between technology and theology on his blog; this book is the culmination of all his work. To be honest, I found it hard to stop with the introduction. I’m very excited–and a bit apprehensive–to see what John has uncovered about the assumed neutrality of technology. Are doomsday movie franchises like The Matrix and Terminator becoming closer to reality than we like to admit? Or is it only when we try to play God that technology tries “to play human”?

To be honest, I have no idea where this book is going because no one I have ever read has asked this question before. I am legitimately excited to read on.

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